The ideal solution for colour proofing and evaluation of reflection and transparent copy

White Screen Normlicht

White Screen use is all their standard lighting equipment  Osram color proof fluorescent tubes. The new Osram color proof is the ideal tube wherever daylight illumination is required, particularly where high  quality colour control is needed, for the graphic industry, for printing shops, art galleries, dental laboratories, publishers, paper and textile mills etc.    


Quality is Standard

The ISO standard 3664:2000 stipulates the following viewing conditions for the evaluation of colour prints and their reproductions:

  • chromaticity coordinates of the reference illuminant x=0,347 und y=0,359 which corresponds to approx. 5000° Kelvin
  • colour temperature D 50 corresponds to approx. 5000 K
  • colour rendering index of at least  RA90

The visual environment shall be designed to minimize interference with the viewing task.: matt-grey (to avoid reflections), low general illumination. It is advised to use a viewing booth with side walls as a protection against surrounding light. The viewing area should be illuminated  as evenly as possible (+/- 250 Lux diffenence in teh centre and +/- 500 Lux at the edge of the viewing area)

Fluorescent tubes should be exchanged after approx. 2000 hours of use in order to guarantee standardized lighting conditions.